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How to take care of your hair in winter

It is true that during the summer months our hair suffers a series of setbacks that, if not remedied, can cause weakening and other damages that we could already see in this blog. But it is no less true that during the winter our scalp also suffers greatly.


That is why we have decided to bring you a series of tips so that you know how to take care of your hair during the winter, since the climatic changes greatly affect our hair health. The first thing to know is that at this time of year our scalp secretes more fat due to the low temperatures. That happens internally, but we also notice that externally they affect the quality of our hair.

So, these would be some recommendations that you should keep in mind if you want your hair to look the best during the winter months:

  • Deep hydration: it is very important that you take care of properly hydrating your hair during these months, since the thermometers go down, the heating inside rises and this contrast causes our hair to dry, break and, therefore, look lifeless, off. Likewise, poorly hydrated hair is hair that tends to inflate and therefore curl when the environment is wet.
  • Nourishing cleaning: in winter the hair needs shampoos that provide nutrition and take care of the fiber in depth. But be careful, be very careful with the amount you use, since some properties cause the increase in static electricity of the hair. And remember: rinse with warm water.
  • Curling: all winter conditions cause static hair to fire. To control frizz it is important to use very moisturizing products, which also take care and protect our hair, such as shea butter or jojoba oil. In addition, to avoid frizz use a boar bristle brush. All this will keep frizz at bay in any condition.
  • Detoxification of your scalp: fifteen minutes before getting into the shower, massage the scalp with a product specially designed for this area. In this way, you will reduce the sensation of irritation.
    In short, winter brings a series of conditions that can negatively affect your hair, but do not worry: following the advice we have just offered and with extra pampering your hair will stay healthy, bright and manageable, check it out day after day!
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